Built on the principles of Ubuntu, Ummeli is a mobile network that helps communities create their own employment opportunities.

Creating opportunities


Traditional tools built for job-seekers assume a plentiful supply of employment opportunities. Taking a realistic view of employment prospects, Ummeli focuses on creating opportunities.

Made for Mobile


Unlike most services that attempt to assist young people looking for jobs, Ummeli is built to take advantage of the one medium that is accessible and already in use by our audience: mobile phones.

Built for Communities


Inspired by the principles of Ubuntu - "I am what I am because of who we all are" - Ummeli is a collaborative tool that allows communities to share and set goals and to initiate their own projects.

Affordable Access


For impoverished communities, services need to be free or as close to free as possible. Currently hosted on Vodafone Live in South Africa, Ummeli is entirely free to access.

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Our partners

Ummeli is made possible thanks to the efforts of our partners.