Ummeli - the Nguni word for mediator - is a mobile jobs and community portal hosted on Vodafone Live! and accessible through Young Africa Live. Originally conceived as 'LinkedIn for the BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid)', it creates a gateway for young people to enter the mainstream economy through a network of connections to community jobs.

A note from our founder

Shikoh Gitau, Ummeli Project Founder:

The emphasis is on a community where young Africans can support each other in the development of their careers, share ideas, act as connectors or even just be a sounding board when things seem hopeless.

Ummeli disrupts the colonial-inspired, individualistic job-culture which does not work for Africa and fosters the spirit of Ubuntu ("I am what I am because of who we all are") resulting in the creation of a supportive community of young job-seekers and entrepreneurs.

Our goals

Our goals are simple, but have the potential to be revolutionary:
To assist young people in preparing for employment applications.
To help Africa’s youth find meaningful employment.
To provide the tools for communities to set goals, and self-organise projects.
To disrupt the Western, individualistic job-culture which does not suit Africa.
To foster the community-benefiting spirit of Ubuntu.

Our users

Ummeli provides tools to a variety of key players in the jobs market:
People who live in developing countries with little or no formal employment.
Companies who seek temporary or long-term employees.
Communities who want to build projects to improve their environment.
NGOs looking to find volunteers.


Ummeli is currently available through Young Africa Live, a social network for young people that deals with love, sex, relationships and, now, meaningful and rewarding employment. Young Africa Live is free to access for any Vodacom subscriber through Vodafone Live!